1987 Chevy Silverado for Sale That You’ll Like

Ok, looking for a nice truck? You can’t go wrong with 1987 Chevy Silverado. Here we provide you some dealerships that can bring that car for sale. The transmission is four-wheel drive with 350 under the hood. This is cool isn’t? The perfect restoration makes the truck ready to back to the roads with confidence.

1987 Chevy Silverado for sale

The Interior and Exterior

The bumper, grill, and chin spoiler are awesome. Even without push guard in the front, the truck is still looking good and strong. The lines up in the car body are great. The white paint is very smooth. The dealer already does a good job bring it to live again, also they success to store it. It’s really 1987! You can see the tires and rims combination, bring you back to the past, this car tell a lot of stories. You can see the emblem still look good,  there’s bumper guard on the side down make it nice.

The stainless in the mirror is good, when you open the door it feels smooth, not any stuck at all. Even this old car, but if the restoration is good, then you will feel like a new car. No difference at all. The armrest and pad inside have a good shape. You can see the upholstery on the seats and headliners are gorgeous. Check the steering wheel, it in good condition. We can say the truck has amazing interior and exterior with quality material, no found damage at all.

What about the bed on the back side? Damn, is this truck never do anything since the first owner bought it? It’s very clean!. No damage to the paint. Maybe you think this same as other truck with busted up and ding up bed. But, this truck is very clean on any side. Also, you can find great step bumper on the back and the tailgate is work perfectly.

Ok, our site gives you some useful information about the dealerships that can offer you 1987 Chevy Silverado in good condition at the best price. So, don’t feel hesitate to contact them in case you interested to drive that car and pick up to your home.

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