2008 BMW 535i Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Cost

Maybe you are having a problem due to a leak at the top caused by a hard valve cover gasket seal. This will cause the lubricant to seep, this case usually occurs in older cars, for example, the 2008 BMW 535i. You might look for information on how much budget you have to spend on replacing it. Including paying for mechanical services.

At least you spend around $ 720 to replace the valve gasket cover on the BMW 535i. Mechanic costs at the workshop are around $ 650, spare parts are around $ 70, remember this amount does not include taxes and other fees.

2008 bmw 535i valve cover gasket

What is a car gasket actually? If you don’t know, this is one of the important components of auto parts. The conditions should not be ignored, especially when you do your own routine checks or when done by a service shop mechanic. Where is the gasket or packing installed? In general, this component is located between the cylinder block and the engine cylinder head.

The gasket will ensure the compression process in the engine combustion chamber while preventing liquid mixings, such as coolant and engine oil.

How Do You Know If the Gasket Has Some Problem?

We will give you some indicator tips when there is a problem with the gasket head condition. Some of them are:

  • The car is often overheating because the head of the gasket has been damaged. This occurs because of the high temperature on the engine and causes the gasket to burn.
  • Cooling liquid leaks through the cooling system.
  • Lubricants are white like milk and there are many impurities. This means that the lubricant has mixed with the coolant because the head of the gasket is damaged.
  • Thin smoke emerged from the exhaust. Occurs because the coolant leaks into the combustion chamber.

The valve gasket cover has an important function to cover the top of the engine made of metal material. Thus, this component has the role of protecting the engine in the event of an oil leak. Because of the long usage that causes damage then the component on the car’s engine needs to be replaced. If you know there is a problem with the valve cover gasket, don’t drive the car. Because hot temperatures can damage the engine and make it worse.

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