55 Chevy Gasser for Sale You Will Love

Talk about 55 Chevy Gasser and you will end with the conclusion that this is a very cool car. Looking for someone who wants this car for sale? But before that, lets we discuss what makes this car so great and make most peoples want to have it once in their life.

The car has an old-school engine, but if you do some modification, you can get a combination between modern and classic car style. For example, you can install big blocks, dual force, flames, and all will make it very stylish and gentle. Don forget, also you can go with custom interior.

When gasser design automobiles started appearing at drag strips in the late 50s, they resembled absolutely nothing any person had ever seen. They were disrobed hot rods with huge engines, wild paint jobs, and an unusual position, thanks to the straight front axles that were installed in advance to improve grip off the line.

Although this 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air, which is presently detailed on eBay, was built fairly just recently the car absolutely appears like it would certainly have fit right in throughout the Gasser heyday in the 1960s. From the velocity stacks sticking out of the flat black hood to the ruby pattern inside, this auto screams the 60s.

A fair bit of adjustment was required to transform this Tri-Five Chevy into a duration appropriate Gasser. After modifying the suspension to fit a straight front axle and 9-inch backside from a 1963 Ford F100, a light 396 Chevy Big Block and a 4 rate manual transmission were installed to offer this monster enough power to hang at the drag strip. Almost everywhere you view on this automobile the modifications are well implemented, and perhaps more notably duration appropriate.

The result is among the cooler gassers we’ve seen in a long period of time. Just looking at the cars and truck as it rests is enough to send us right into a deep situation of vehicle desire. We would certainly think of investing a long time in the front container seat rowing pieces of equipment and listening to the glorious noise of the straight headers would only make our desire to have this automobile also stronger.

Although it comes as no surprise, it appears we aren’t the just one anxious to possess this level black beast. The bidding process is currently at $16,550 with a little much less than two days left on the public auction. While that amount is too high to enable our possession fantasizes to become a reality, it is definitely a quite practical rate for an awesome 1955 Chevy gasser.

Give The 55 Gasser Some Customization

Imagine, you give the chrome plate in the front of the car and through body line. You can give the fire flames shape iridescent paint in the body. The flame can change the color, something like purple back to green, or others. Sound cool isn’t it? Give it the polished carburetor to make it more gorgeous.

55 Chevy Gasser for sale
If you think creative you can move the tank to the back side. Put the battery in the luggage area. You can add a big block under the hood. This is a beautiful car and you can drive it greatly. This car will always make you fall in love, especially when you know the history of the legendary race. Bel Air Restoration gives the younger generation the opportunity to feel the sensations of the past. Like what was felt by the previous generation, the lucky ones were able to witness the glory of the running Gasser.

Anyway, if you want to get this car, you should look for offers from our dealership here. Just go to their site and get more information to get the best price. Now, it’s your turn to drive the legendary car, the 55 Chevy Gasser.

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