67-72 Chevy Trucks for Sale You Will Love

The 67-72 Chevy trucks series of pick-ups is well on its method to accomplishing symbol condition, equally as the ’55-’57 Chevy auto, and you can find it for sale.  The progression of costs and availability has several parallels to the tri-five Chevys.

One of the most deluxe, high-performance instances often tend to remove initially. As prices for high-demand versions increase, so do the costs of much less luxurious vehicles. When either the price or the accessibility increase bench too expensive for the typical enthusiast, individuals go on to their second and 3rd selections. When it comes to the auto, the convertibles, Nomads, and fuel-injected or double four-barrel Bel Air hardtops removed initially. After that people pursued the nicest 210 models, followed by premium 150 designs.

Since virtually every enthusiast knows about the solid costs for great ’67-’72 Chevy pickups, the quest has divided in 2 directions. One faction seeks the most effective condition truck no matter trim degree due to the fact that they recognize they can add manufacturing facility devices or personalize their associate modern-day parts. A smaller sized group still seeks the high-grade models, however, they’ve had to make severe compromises concerning problem and completeness.

67-72 Chevy trucks for sale

With 67-72 trucks models, the fully-loaded, big-block-powered shortbeds lead the price parade. The small-block-equipped versions of packed trucks rapidly followed. After that many people pursued plainer shortbed trucks, while some free-thinkers started buying loaded longbeds.

Customize The Truck

Many people often tend to customize or restify their trucks. The quantity of people doing factory-perfect, numbers-matching reconstructions is substantially smaller sized. Many contractors prefer a general stock outside look, but it doesn’t trouble them to go down a 454 big-block into a truck that originally housed a 250ci six-cylinder. This egalitarian mindset has actually included people transforming longbed trucks into shortbeds and making 4×4 vehicles (and Blazers) right into two-wheel-drive gears. The finished product appears to matter more than the pedigree.

As the appeal of these classic pickups has enhanced, so has the schedule of high-quality recreation parts, which has actually made it less complicated and typically less costly to bring back a truck. This has additionally made it feasible to recover trucks that may have been dismantled in years past. The mechanical side of the components formula is very positive too.

There’s a large amount of interchangeability amongst Chevy engines, transmissions, and rearends. These trucks have spacious engine compartments, so engine swaps are easy.

Like the previous Chevy installations of this contractor’s guide collection, we describe the trucks as Chevys, yet everything applies to GMC trucks as well. The distinctions between both brand names are primarily cosmetic. One of the most noticeable difference is the grilles. Some individuals favor Chevy grilles, some like GMC systems, and numerous proprietors choose custom billet or tube grilles.

These trucks make use of the popular C/K designations to symbolize two-wheel-drive (C Series) and four-wheel-drive (K Series). Chevrolet vehicles comply with the letter with the numbers 10, 20, or 30 which correspond to 1/2-, 3/4-, and 1-ton models respectively. Sport vehicle enthusiasts lean heavily towards the C10 models. GMC vehicles likewise make use of the exact same C and K prefixes, yet follow them by 1500, 2500, or 3500 to symbolize 1/2-, 3/4-, or 1-ton versions.

Fleetside an Stepside Design

The trucks were offered in Fleetside and Stepside designs with either a brief 61/2-foot bed or a lengthy 8-foot bed. There has been a rise in the passion in packed longbed Fleetside vehicles, yet forget longbed Stepsides unless you’re seeking to win an unsightly truck competition. Fleetside vehicles seem to have a popularity edge over the Stepside versions. It’s a lot easier to find crammed Fleetsides than similarly furnished Stepsides. If you locate a big-block, air conditioned, complete power accessories Stepside, that’s an unusual vehicle worth protecting.

Over the six-year run, even more shortbed Fleetside trucks were generated than Stepsides. That’s particularly true for the ’70-’72 versions. Production numbers by bed design were quite even for the very first three years. After that in 1970 the Fleetsides took a substantial lead. That trend keeps up to date till 1971 when the Fleetside to Stepside ratio value was about 3:2. In 1972, the proportion jumped to 2:1. The manufacturing number distinctions in between Fleetsides and Stepsides was even more noticable for longbed vehicles. The distinctions expanded yearly up until 1972 when longbed Stepside production was just about 3 percent of the total run.

Besides their benefit, Fleetside vehicles were far more most likely to have greater tools degrees. The Stepsides often tended to be bought as practical job trucks or fleet vehicles, and several shortbed Stepside base version trucks were made use of by energy companies. We got among those previous energy business vehicles that really did not also have a radio, yet we were pleased that it had a heating system.


There’s nothing particularly incorrect with buying a stripped C10. They make fine starting factors for a ground-up custom task. The bad news is that the price of a removed truck is hardly ever less than the cost of including the features found on a packed vehicle. You could conserve a couple of dollars up front, yet unless you mean to drive the truck “as is,” a stripped truck will certainly cost more in the future.

Undoubtedly, you can not get a new ’67-’72 C10, so you need to take care of what’s offered. If you have numerous trucks from which to pick, our suggestions is to get the very best mix of problem and tools. We rank body problem initially and devices level secondly. When contrasting two similar trucks, the condition is one of the most essential variable, especially if the distinctions are considerable. If the conditions are quite equal, we would certainly choose the somewhat worse body if it had a lot better tools.

The efficiency is important as well. If a vehicle was a big-block, air conditioned, pail seat truck, it does not imply a whole lot when those products are missing. The trim things are typically missing or severely harmed. Great deals of individuals used to discard (or sell for cents) Cheyenne trim pieces. Now that a basically stock external appearance is popular, those trim pieces can be challenging or costly to replace.

It’s a great idea to order as numerous recreation parts directories as possible. Make use of the brochures to discover what parts are being reproduced and just how much they set you back. When a vendor recommends that you can easily get new Fleetside woodgrain lower-side moldings for a few dollars, check the directories. Yes, you can get the trim pieces, but at around $300 per side. Each little trim section runs concerning $40 to $60 and it takes great deals of areas to do a vehicle.

Catalogs can also inform you that some components are astonishingly low-cost. As you know that Fleetside taillight bezels usually scratched easily. Reproduction bezels are readily available for about $15 each and that feels like a genuine deal to us.

Lots of components aren’t currently being replicated. Those components need to be bought at the flea market or via publications like Hemmings Motor News. Check the advertisements before you struck the swap meets so you’ll have a sensible suggestion of rates. You could not have the ability to obtain a seller to go down an outrageous price, but you’ll have the ability to spot deals when you see them.


Neither the tri-five Chevys nor the ’67-’72 pickups ever ended up being out of favor. They preserved a solid appeal throughout the years, and that popularity climbed gradually throughout the 90s. The need for wonderful C/K instances has intensified as the most desirable trucks are quickly grabbed. As long as prices for ’67-’72 Chevy pick-ups are rising, there isn’t any kind of reason to panic. They made concerning 3 countless these vehicles and great deals of them survived. Products are enough, so you can take your time to locate an excellent vehicle at a fair price.

So, you can go to our dealerships easily to find the cool truck that you want with good condition and competitive price. Next, go back to the road and show to everyone that you drive an amazing Chevy.

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