Audi Q7 For Sale Near Me That You’ll Like

Hi, we want to show you Audi Q7 for sale. When you see it the first time, maybe you think it a little like farm morale if you compare it with a traditional SUV. You’ll find more an obviously being posh, and if you desire to buy the price it’s quite expensive.  Anyway, the dealership near your home can also tell spec at your ideal car or any vehicle that matter.  They will come back to you with the bunch of information and the best price that they offer. Try to make you believe that this is the best car for you and that is their job actually.

audi q7 for sale near me

The Audi Q7 Interior

One amazing thing that can make you happy is that Q7 is a just fantastic middle row. The door size and inside height are pretty good, you can easily get in, the seat is nice where they are quite half the ground. Forget about the bad angle that makes you uncomfortable when you sit. Q7 gives you pleasant seat to make you understand that you need to enjoy the journey in a good way. Don’t worry if your knee will be stuck. This car has a more spacious room because the front seat can be raised up. So, you can stretch out freely, feel that if you in a limo. Not only that but also you can recline the seat.

If people say this is a bad car, they can be wrong. In the middle row, you can arrange the seat board or you can slide it. Or you can push it back, actually, this car is damn good. We think that this car is designed to create sufficient feet room for more people in comfort condition. You also can find the control button in the back which is nice. This is a seven seater car.

The Engine

Actually, this car provides more comfort for smooth paved roads even though it has a 4-wheel drive transmission for offroad capabilities. For you, this might be a good luxury choice. Seven seats are enough to carry many people, the interior provided is very proportional and practical. Since its introduction in 2003, Audi Q7 has only 2 generations. Audi Q7 shares the platform and chassis with the VW Touareg and Porsche Cayenne. Not surprisingly, the exterior design looks cool and tough. This car is a blend of an SUV and a luxury car.

Audi Q & uses a 2,995 cc V6 turbo engine with a maximum power of 333 hp, maximum torque of 440 Nm, 8-speed transmission / AWD.

This car has 4 projectors, 3 in the middle and one on the side. This makes the appearance better. With matrix LED headlamp on the front, it provides more security because it will automatically turn off if there is a vehicle from the front so it will not glare at other drivers. The luggage section is quite extensive.  You can also add space by folding the rear bench automatically by pressing the button on the side.

To make it easier when lowering luggage, you can use a high adjuster air suspension. When you press the feed control button the car will be lifted down automatically so you can more easily remove your luggage. We can say that the Audi Q7 is a luxury car, but not as fancy as its other rivals. So, when you use it, it won’t be too eye-catching.


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