Heidebreicht Chevrolet Romeo Michigan

Looking for Chevy at Romeo, Michigan, Washington? Just come to Heidebreicht. This is a trusted dealer that has started the business and served many customers since 1971. Years of experience have made it the right choice for many people who want to find the best vehicle according to their needs.

Customer satisfaction is their main goal. It has helped many people to get the perfect new or used vehicle. Not only that, but they also provide full service for servicing vehicles or fulfilling requests for purchasing spare parts. So if your car needs repairs because of something, such as a collision, you can bring it here. Expert technicians who work will repair your vehicle satisfactorily and quickly.

Used, New, or Lease Chevrolet

If you only want to rent a car, they can also fulfill your request. Many choices of available Chevrolet models such as Equinox, Silverado, Traverse, Trax, Colorado Extended, Tahoe, and so on. Get the best lease deals in areas like Macomb and Sterling Heights. Also get the best Chevy deals in the Southeast Michigan area. You can also find many choices for SUVs or trucks. Tips for you is that you should ensure the rental price of these cars by contacting customer service. Because prices can change at any time.

heidebreicht chevrolet equinox white

Amazingly, you will find lots of the latest Chevrolet choices in their inventory. They will also give you smart purchase advice about which vehicles you can consider with the highest price discount. If you want to see more, you can go to the showroom. Do you currently have bad credit? Don’t worry, they can provide the best solution for you. So, you can still get a car. Auto financing and leasing of Heidebreicht in Washington can be an alternative when you visit the surrounding area. What makes it more interesting is that the process of buying used or new cars are very easy. With high financing value offers.  So get pre-approved now by applying for a car loan without obligation. They can give you low-interest rates. Although when you get a loan from a bank. Just fill out the online form and you can discuss payment options that don’t hurt your finances.

The Body Shop

Everyone definitely doesn’t want an accident while driving, including you. But, if this happens, the vehicle repair process will be the last thing you want to do. Don’t worry, you can count on the Heidebreicht body shop team to repair the damage to your car. You will get a free borrowing vehicle. No need to take the queue number and wait a long time, because they have a lot of loaner vehicles. Thus you can continue your activities well.

As a trusted dealer, you will be calm when your car needs replacement parts. Because they use original GM parts and are widely recommended by leading insurance companies. Your problem will be solved quickly, you will get a competitive price and return to the road immediately. Certified expert technicians are important manpower that you must pay attention to when choosing a place to repair your car. Here, you can entrust your vehicle repair to them. No matter what damage occurs to your car, big or small, they will provide the best service to make it possible for you to drive again like new.


The Heidebreicht Chevrolet Romeo can be the best choice for you when you want to buy a new or used car, or you want to rent it. You will get a satisfying service from the staff during working hours. Not only that, you can get financing for low-interest cars or you can entrust your car repair to their expert technicians.

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